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I enjoy helping people! In my practice, I work in ALL counties in Michigan (not just counties listed above). I usually side with the 'underdog' in my litigation experiences in civil law. I have  represented clients with many types of legal problems including the following:

    Divorce          Landlord-Tenant          Collections         Traffic        

     Offenses       Torts        Wrongful Termination      Union Issues     

        Defamation       Drug Offenses       DUI's             Slip & Fall          

  Wrongful Death           Pro Se        Real Estate     Personal Injury        

       Dog Bites / Dog Attacks       Criminal Defense / Offense

    O.W.C.P. Violations     Administrative Law       Negligence Issue  

 Employment/Union         Wrongful Demotion     Credit Card/Relief

                        Overtime-pay Violations     Police Misconduct     

                              Illegal Searches        Credit Card /

My prices are very affordable! There is also a discount for any union member. I will talk to you and guide you to the right place to resolve your problem with creative resourceful solutions. I have flexible hours including night and weekend meeting availabilities. Let's talk. I can be reached at: (248) 515-9807


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Plaintiff, a Letter Carrier, was attacked as she was delivering mail to the defendants’ house, by their pitt-bull dog. She suffered severe traumatic injuries, and blood loss, also emotional distress. Plaintiff’s injuries were deemed permanent along with continuing emotional distress. Plaintiff lost her route and is on light-duty as a result of this attack. The case evaluators awarded her $400,000.00.

D. Gibbons, Roseville MI                                    Case Number: 10-4141-NI


You do not have to allow an unwarranted search for your vehicle, or your person (your body). You have the right to refuse these searches.
If you are asked to get out of your vehicle,  roll up your car windows and lock your car doors, shut it. Make sure your keys are not readily accessible.

Keep any items in your car out of plain view (or in your trunk)

Ask 'If you can go now' and if you are being detained, for what reason.

Try to say as little as possible, do not make small talk or say anything unnecessary.

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